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VKVT: Classical Ving Tsun

Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) is a devastating fast fighting art of close range combat created by a nun of Shaolin.

Classical – meaning passed from a genuine sifu to another from generation to generation applying the fundamental principles established in combat to present day threats without changing the dedication required.

Learning good KUNG FU is 100 percent ‘hand made’ from a genuine Sifu. The higher the generation, the closer to the authenticity. At this school you have 100 percent authenticity guaranteed.


Benefits of Classical Ving Tsun

Stress Reduction



Mental Focus





Self Defence

Body – Alignment


Classes are available to men and women of all age, regardless of physical condition. Students are taught in a safe, effective, friendly and supportive environment in a progressive manner based on individual needs.

The curriculum focuses on building a solid foundation as a basis for consistent progress toward more intensive training and advanced levels.

The objective of VKVT Classical Ving Tsun training is to promote the understanding of it’s fundamental principles and concepts and how to apply them in a realistic approach to self-defence and day-to-day living.

Simplicity       Directness       Efficiency

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