Biography - Brisbane Instructor

My study of Ving Tsun (Wing Tsun) commenced in 1984 with GGM Victor Kan at his school located in China Town, London. The training and training environment promoted commitment and concentration. There were some very big powerful men training in the school at that time which provided opportunity to test and improve one’s technique. The techniques work and the power generation is sufficient. I commenced instructing VKVT (Victor Kan Ving Tsun) in June 2006.

I am constantly studying and reviewing martial arts and this includes training with colleagues specialising in styles other than Wing Chun. These studies also include Kenjutsu, Jodo and the use of shorter sticks. This is assisting me to understand in more detail the practical application of the Wing Chun system in todays’ world.

I have cross trained in; Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate (grading Shodan (black belt) 2005 at the Rembuden Institute of Martial Arts and Ways under Glen Henry Sensei including training at Jundonkan, Okinawa, Japan) Aikido Yoshinkan (grading brown belt under Mori Sensei in 2001) Judo, Ju Jutsu and boxing.

I teach students semi-privately (small groups) and privately (one to one) in my fully equipped gym at Albany Creek, Brisbane. These instructor:student ratios provide a high quality learning environment and a rate of progress aligned to your requirements and ability.

Sifu Mark Lamkin