I have been training at the Ving Tsun School for over a year. Mark who is the instructor or sifu is very patient and methodical in his teaching approach. He pays attention to his students getting the posture and technique right. He has a very sharp eye, picking up any variation from the correct technique which can creep in from time to time. This attention to detail helps me to develop mental discipline and focus.

The class sizes allow for sufficient time for attention to my individual requirements. The training is very flexible. I progress at a pace which fits into my time commitments and ability.
Another plus with the School is the opportunity to take extra lessons to help progress faster through the Ving Tsun techniques and skills which gives additional flexibility to my training program.
Overall, I am very pleased with the training provided at the Ving Tsun School.

Dr Joseph Wong

I started at Brisbane VKVT shortly after my relocation from the UK in 2011. I wanted to become more active throughout the week and learn something new in the process. The club has really allowed me to generate some good friends that support me both inside & outside of training hours. Throughout the last three years, Sifu Mark delivered a great level of tuition on a one to one basis. I feel this method of teaching really did improve my martial arts more effectively and essentially limited any bad habits from being passed on.

The training is now part of my weekly routine that leaves me more positive and less stressed throughout the working week. It is an overall health benefit for my body, mind and self-confidence. Sigh Mark always demonstrates techniques in a very safe and concise manner. The martial art of Ving Tsun is on one hand very complicated, however on the other hand very simple!!! I guess it just comes down to your own precipitation and requires you to get involved not just to observe.

Sigh Mark recognised my physical ability in performing new techniques and allowed myself to progress at a pace which suited me. The training is very direct and the techniques require very little energy which helped me to relax and acquire a high level of endurance relatively quickly. Sigh Mark teaches VKVT, classical Wing Chun Kung Fu to which I can say is one of very few clubs still around. Sigh Mark is very trustworthy and he conducts the classes in an attitude which any keen student would respect.

I have enjoyed the syllabus up to now and feel the only word of advice to new students is to have patience and dedication.

David Wilkinson
Mechanical Engineer

Sifu Mark Lamkin’s Ving Tsun training is not for the feint hearted. You progress when you’re competent, no sooner, no later. Instruction is traditional, precise and devastatingly effective. I have been training with Sifu Mark for over two years and thoroughly enjoy the balance between concrete technique and open sparring. I can recommend Sifu Mark’s school to anyone interested in learning to fight – for real.

Jeff Stiff
Coal Miner

My brother and I took up training in Wing Chun with Sifu Mark as our first attempt at a martial art; our weekly class soon became a consistent highlight of the week for us both. It has been extremely fun and challenging to learn this powerful, artful, and refined fighting style, Sifu Mark’s eye for detail and personal mastery of the practice ensures a thorough competence is achieved before grading is attempted. Working with this particular lineage direct from Master Yip Man, to Master Victor Kan, then to Sifu Mark, is a great privilege and advantage, when executed with proficiency, this practice of Wing Chun delivers fast, devastating results. The facilities are well equipped, the practitioner highly proficient, the training is balanced and enjoyable, very good exercise! Highly recommenced. Dominic & Callum Bell

I went to my first booking with Sifu Mark and instantly knew, Wing Chun was for me. As a mum of a 1 and a 4-year-old, I didn’t want to engage in the “typical martial arts” seen everywhere. I wanted something where I didn’t need great strength or fitness. I wanted something where I could learn with no pressure and gradually increase my fitness levels. I am not the fighting type so I wanted to learn a technique where I would be able to protect myself and my kids from any danger.  Wing Chun was the perfect technique and is suitable for any age, gender or fitness level.

Wing Chun is most definitely a great workout and has definitely increased my fitness and strength levels. Training at home is really easy, especially with two kids. I can easily fit it into my schedule and still have time to do everything else.  Training at home is simple and offers great physical fitness. I have found significant improvement with my physical health by doing Wing Chun, especially with my lower back pain.

Wing Chun has really helped strengthen my lower back, legs, arms, and stomach. Not to mention my self-confidence has increased, knowing that I can protect myself in any circumstances with Wing Chun.

Wing Chun lessons are very rewarding and most of all fun. I love attending my classes and working towards the grades, it gives me such a great sense of accomplishment and reward.

Sifu Mark is a dedicated, understanding and light-hearted man and this makes him the perfect teacher. There is no judgment or pressure, Sifu Mark works with you to reach your goals. He has made me reach my potential and so far I have my first belt and I am ecstatic and eager to learn more and grade higher.

I highly recommend Sifu Mark’s Wing Chun to anyone and most of all recommend going through the grading system.

Nikai Contese

Graphic Designer

Sifu Mark’s Wing Chun classes are structured so they are easy to learn in a friendly, non-aggressive and non-competitive atmosphere. Wing Chun has proved to be a great physical workout and has improved my flexibility, speed, and strength.

I find it very fulfilling working toward the grades and learning the various technique from Wing Chun.

Sifu Mark is a friendly and easy going teacher and I enjoy our lessons together, as they are always a mix of training and light hearted banter. There is no stress or pressure during classes, you learn at your own pace and Sifu Mark helps you to reach your goals. So there is no real requirement for previous martial arts training.

Wing Chun has great health benefits and is great at body-conditioning. I am astounded by the improvements to my health that Wing Chun alone has provided, not to mention the physical fitness levels.

I highly recommend Wing Chun classes with Sifu Mark as it is rewarding and you will get the fulfillment out of it as I have.

Boe Contese

I trained with Sifu Mark for about 9 months before leaving Brisbane. I took private lessons mainly to practice and improve my chi sao. Training content was flexible according to my preferences and a core element of training was repetition which is necessary to gain competency.

Sifu Mark is a very nice, easy-going, competent and dedicated teacher. He didn’t mind that I was training in other schools at the same time. Training environment is safe, friendly and well-equipped. I thoroughly enjoyed our weekly training sessions. I can highly recommend him and wish him all the best.

Thomas Stoll